20 Step Refurbishing Process

1. Verify and authenticate wether it is gold, silver, or other metal.

2. Verify and authenticate wether it has manmade or natural stones.

3.Check for structural integrity.

4.Repair any structural issues.

5.Check for bent or broken prongs.

6.Check for missing or loose stones.

7.Replace and reset any stone.

8.Soak in ultrasonic machine to remove any debris.

9.Ran under steam cleaner.

10.Run on buffing wheel.

11. Check for any loose or missing stones after cleaning.

12.Hand polish with roto-tool.

13.Hand polish with jewelry cloth.

14. Verify the piece ready to sell.

15.Grade and value gold.

16.Grade and value stones.

17.Set retail price.

18.Set replacement value and cost

19.Piece will be hand polished again and place for sale. 

20. Steps will be repeated as needed at point of purchase.